About us

We make people healthy and well.

The founders of Trianon International Incorporated (TII) have built the foundation of the company on its corporate mission which is: “We are a world-class, highly respected multinational company helping everyone achieve holistic health and wellness.”
Its vision is to have a vast nationwide and international network of satisfied consumers, as well as distributors and other sales partners who are all financially secure and highly committed to the Trianon values of responsible marketing, integrity, synergistic alliances, equitable sharing, professional excellence and a non-compromising faith in God.
Such corporate philosophy is contained in the Trianon Creed which to the founders of TII, is the deep solid foundation of the company and faithful adherence to it makes the TII top-management and staff confident of the company’s future.
TII was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 1995 but actual marketing operations started on September 1995. The Board of Directors is composed of reputable professionals coming from different fields and disciplines, creating a synergism that lends expertise in management & marketing, corporate law & taxation, medicine, finance & administration, importation and strategic business development.
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